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'Arry and Bert the Ironworks Diesels is the nineteenth episode of the Amazing Adventures miniseries.


One day when Percy was collecting coal trucks from the smelter yard to take to the coaling plant, but two diesels named' Arry and Bert play a trick on Percy by shunting trucks in front of him making him a middle engine. Percy had to go slow with trucks in front and behind him and James teased him as a slowcoach. Percy had to put his trucks in front of him to the tipper for the coal to be dumped.

Percy know it is against the rules for engine to go on the tipper's loading ramp, but when his driver and firemen left, Henry arrived to collected some coal trucks, but was unaware that Percy was there and Percy was lifted onto the loading ramp with his coal dumped out and was brought back down. The yard manager was cross at Percy for causing confusion and delay and reported the accident to Sir Topham Hatt.

That night at the sheds, Sir Topham Hatt was cross with Percy for going onto the loading ramp and sent him to work in the yard until the incident is sorted out. James, hoping no one could hear him brags that he can handle 'Arry and Bert, but Sir Topham Hatt heard him and nominates James to the smelters yard to do Percy's work tomorrow.

The next morning James met 'Arry and Bert at the smelters and tells them to shunt his trucks for him. When James happily collected his trucks, he was sure got 'Arry and Bert to behave, but 'Arry and Bert play the same trick on James making him a middle engine like Percy. James said he is not a middle engine like Percy and he refuses to move, so Percy has to pull James to the Docks. Percy then jokes that James is learning to be a middle engine, leaving James angry and embarrassed.