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The ÖBB Boxcars are enclosed wagons used for transporting freight, especially ones which cannot be exposed. These vans originate from Germany.

One of these vans made a cameo appearance in the fifth season episodes, Baa! and Put Upon Percy. It was used as scrap set-dressing at Tidmouth. Remnants of a cannibalised OBB bogey appears in the ravine seen in the sixth season episode, Dunkin Duncan.


This van is based on an Austrian ÖBB type GGm-s four-axle boxcar used on narrow gauge lines. It was G scale model sourced from LGB, a model train manufacturer.


These vans are painted brown. The scrap van was a rusty orange colour.


  • These vans were featured heavily in the Thomas and Friends sister show known as Tugs, as rolling stock used for the Dock Railway.


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