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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins at the Sodor Railway Museum. Jacob and Jackson are standing on the platform when Richard Hatt arrives in Winston.
Jacob (surprised to see Richard) Mr. Hatt, Sir, we, uh, weren't expecting you.
Richard Hatt I've just come by to tell you that, since work here has been slow, I'd like you to help on the Little Western for a few days. You can leave one of the others in charge here.
Jacob Oh, alright. Jackson, I guess you'll be in charge here then.
Jackson Me? Why me?
Jacob Well, Sierra and Kira are working at Ffarquhar Quarry and Meg is on holiday.
Jackson What about Connor?
Jacob He’s got laryngitis. You're literally the only one available.
Jackson Then I guess I'll do it, since I don't really have a choice.
Jacob Splendid. Glad we're on the same page here. I guess I'll see you later.

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