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Stories From Sodor Wikia

"A Credit to the Crew" is the 11th episode of season 10.


The construction project of the new automobile parts factory had come to a grinding halt after Cranky’s accident and the dump truck twins being sent away in disgrace. A couple of weeks later Kelly had been mended and work could continue.

“It’s great to have you back,” said Isobella cheerfully.

“I’m pleased to be back. I didn’t like sitting around for my engine to be repaired.”

But he couldn’t help feeling a little upset.

Later on, he was unloading the three horrid lorries.

“Cranky should have returned too,” grumbled Lorry 1.

“Then we’d be unloaded in double-quick time,” chimed in Lorry 2.

“And this slow crane can simply do his work and go home to stay out of the way,” finished Lorry 3.

“I’m really useful,” said Kelly defensively.

The three lorries laughed as they shot off to collect more slate for the office building.

Nelson turned up to see Kelly nearly ready to cry.

“Maybe Cranky should have finished off the project. All I’ll do is unload the lorries, help with the building of roofs, and that’s that.”

“You’re a credit to the crew, whether you’re working or not. Buster, Byron, and Patrick aren’t here.”

“That’s because there’s no work for them to complete.”

“Having no work at all is also really useful too. If they were standing around here they’d only get in the way.”

“I guess so.”

Eventually Kelly’s work was completed; he stayed at the Construction Company Yard while the others finished up at the site.

“I can’t wait to see the finished product,” bubbled Buster.

“I bet it’ll look fabulous,” said Patrick dreamily.

“Aren’t you pumped up for the grand opening Kelly?” asked Byron, sensing Kelly’s disappointment of not being at the site.

“Oh, why yes; it’ll be wonderful to see what the others did.”

“You mean what we all did,” pointed out Buster.

At the ceremony the Mayor of Sodor was behind the red ribbon.

“I declare the Sodor Automobile Parts Company open!”


“And a special thanks to Miss Jenny and her machines for building a magnificent factory.”

“Every machine did a wonderful job, even if they caused trouble,” she said, looking at Max and Monty, who were still on rubbish collection duty.

“You were right Buster,” whispered Kelly. “No matter how much we worked on the project, our contributions were just as important as everyone else’s.”



  • This story takes place right after Cranky's New Job, which leads into this episode.