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A Dirty Day for Daniel is the eleventh episode of the second season.


Hank's brother, Daniel arrives on the North Western Railway. Sir Topham Hatt explains that he is to pull freight on the Main Line.

Later, Daniel's first job is to take a train of fruit to market. The trucks sing at him which he thinks is very rude. This gives Diesel an idea; He tells Daniel that Sir Topham Hatt does not like the trucks singing, and that he should tell them to stop. Despite a warning from Thomas, Daniel is convinced that he can keep the trucks in order and sets off while Diesel chuckles at his little joke.

Daniel is out on the main line when the trucks start singing again. Daniel crossly tells them to stop, so the trucks decide that if they cannot sing, they will try and teach Daniel a lesson instead. When they come to the top of Gordon's hill, the trucks use their weight to pull Daniel down at high speed. But up ahead Hank has stopped at a level crossing. Daniel tries to stop, but it is too late as he crashes into the back of Hank's train, completely destroying Daniel's trucks and damaging Hank's brake van. Squashed fruit flies in all directions. Daniel is very upset now that his spotless record has been ruined.

Thomas arrives with Sir Topham Hatt on board. Daniel tells him how he told the trucks to stop singing, but they pulled him down the hill. Thomas then tells Sir Topham Hatt that Diesel told Daniel to stand up to the trucks. Sir Topham Hatt asks Thomas to help clean up the mess while he finds and disciplines Diesel. Harvey arrives with the breakdown train and everyone works hard to clean up the mess.




  • This is an adaptation of the season 7 episode, The Spotless Record.
    • References to the episode are also made