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This is a transcript subpage for A Keystone Trip.
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Speaker Dialogue
The episode opens showing Fluorite, Padparadscha, and Rhodonite returning to Crystal Island from Sodor. The camera pans to where Rutile is talking to Star and Ametrine. Fluorite, Rhodonite, and Padparadscha look at them in surprise.
Front Rutile (to Star and Ametrine) Here they come now.
Rhodonite Rhodonite
Front Rutile Guys, this is Star, she's a Star Rose Quartz.
Rear Rutile And this is Ametrine. She's, well, she's an Ametrine.
Ametrine We're from the Keystone Railway, just like you.
Star looks at Fluorite, Rhodonite, and Padparadscha in amazement.
Star Wow! I've never seen a Fluorite, a Rhodonite, or a Padparadscha Sapphire up close before. Your gems are so pretty.
Fluorite, Rhodonite and Padparadscha blush. Mr. Collins can then be seen walking up to the engines.
Mr. Collins Engines, Jacob is coming over from Sodor today. He will be driving one of you.
Padparadscha He can drive me, Sir.
Mr. Collins Perfect. Thank you for volunteering, Padparadscha.
Time lapse to about an hour later. Amethyst puffs into the yards with Jacob in her cab. Star, Ametrine, Ruby, Sapphire, and the Off Colors are also in the yard. Lapis and Peridot can be seen shunting cars in the background. Bismuth can be seen pulling a train consisting of Blue, White, Diamond, Holly Blue, Blue Pearl, Yellow Pearl, Jasper, Emerald, Citrine, and Connie. Amethyst comes to a stop and Jacob hops out of her cab. He then proceeds to shake Mr. Collins' hand.
Mr. Collins Jacob, you'll be driving Padparadscha today.
Jacob Yes, Sir.
Jacob happily walks over to Padparadscha. Padparadscha smiles at Jacob, and he smiles back.
Jacob Hello, Padparadscha. I see the overhaul went well.
Padparadscha It did indeed! (looks at other engines and gasps) Oh, where are my manners? Jacob, this is Rutile, Star, and Ametrine, they’re all from the Keystone Railway, like us. Guys, this is Jacob.”
Rutile, Star, and Ametrine Hello.
Jacob It's nice to meet you all. And you know, I used to live along the Keystone Railway. Granted, it was the Pennsylvania Railroad where I lived, but still.
Narrator This gave Ametrine an idea.
Ametrine Let's go back.
Star (confused) What?
Ametrine Let's go back to the Keystone Railway, you know, for a little visit. We can show you the part of the line we worked on, Jacob, and you can show us where you lived.
Jacob I think that sounds like a great idea. We will have to check with Mr. Collins first, though.
Amethyst I want to go, too. You know, to see where the other gems come from.
Ruby and Sapphire Us, too!
Jacob Alright, but we'll still have to ask Mr. Thompson first.
The scene changes to show Jacob talking to Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins nods and Jacob smiles happily. Jacob then walks back to the engines
Jacob (happily) Mr. Collins said that we can go, as long as we're back by the end of the week.
The engines all cheer and happily blow their whistles.
The scene changes to that afternoon. Padparadscha, Star, Ametrine, Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire can be seen in line for the coal hopper. Jacob gets into Padparadscha's cab when everyone is done filling up.
Narrator That afternoon, Jacob, Padparadscha, Star, Ametrine, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Ruby all left for the Keystone Railway.
The group can be seen going through the tunnel to Sodor and puffing out of the tunnel. On the way to the America tunnel, they pass Duck pulling the Slip Coaches, Gordon pulling the Express, Rosie pulling passengers, and Murdoch, Molly, Neville, and Hank pulling goods trains. They then puff through the America tunnel. When they come out the other side, Amethyst and Citrine pass by pulling a train. Then, Angel and Iolite are the first to see them and they immediately rush over to them.
Angel Star! What are you doing back here?
Iolite Yeah. We thought you and Miss 'I Only Pull Passengers' over there had gone to Crystal Island to work.
Ametrine crossly puffs over to Iolite.
Ametrine We did go to Crystal Island, thank you very much. And I'm glad we did, too, because I don't have to deal with you every day anymore.
Ametrine and Iolite continue arguing.
Star (to Jacob and other Crystal Island Engines) That's Iolite. Her and Ametrine have never really gotten along.
Ruby You don't say
Sapphire Yes. They really seem to be at each other's funnels.