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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one morning at Knapford Sheds. Murdoch, Marie, Brady, Olivia, Kylie, Benjamin, Arthur, and Matthew are all just waking up when Richard Hatt arrives in his car. Jacob and Sierra are also in the sheds. Richard Hatt gets out of his car and walks towards the sheds.
Richard Hatt Good morning, everyone. Jacob, Sierra, Murdoch, I have a special job for you.
Murdoch Us, Sir?
Jacob Thank you, Sir!
Sierra What is it, Sir?
Richard Hatt You three are to collect some of Miss Jenny’s machines from their yard and bring them to their new construction site.
Murdoch, Jacob, and Sierra Yes Sir!
Jacob and Sierra get in Murdoch’s cab and they puff away.
The scene changes to the Sodor Construction Company Yard. Miss Jenny is waiting on the platform. On the rails, Jack, Alfie, Ned, Brenda, and Buster are waiting on well wagons. Then, Murdoch, Jacob, and Sierra arrive.
Miss Jenny Ah, right on time. You three would make a mother proud.
Jacob Thanks, Miss Jenny. So, where's the construction site?
Miss Jenny Up at Knapford.
Sierra What are you building at Knapford?
Miss Jenny Well, we’ve been asked to build a new community theater building.
Jacob Did you say community theater building?
Miss Jenny Yes indeed. Mr. Hatt said something about the drama teacher from your school asking if one could be built.
Sierra Why didn't he tell us?
Jacob I’m not sure, but we don’t have time to worry about it. We’ve got to get these 5 to the construction site.
Murdoch backs up to the well wagons. Jacob gets out of Murdoch’s cab and couples him to them. Once Jacob returns to Murdoch’s cab, Murdoch whistles and puffs away, pulling Jack, Alfie, Ned, Brenda, and Buster’s well wagons.
The scene changes to the construction site for the new community theater. Oliver can be seen loading Max when Murdoch, Jacob, and Sierra arrive with Jack, Alfie, Ned, Brenda, and Buster. Once Murdoch stops, the machines roll off their well wagons. Brenda stops alongside Murdoch.
Brenda Thanks for the lift, Murdoch.
Murdoch You're welcome, Brenda.
Miss Jenny walks over to Murdoch.
Miss Jenny Murdoch, can you please collect some empty freight cars for Ned to load with rubble?
Murdoch Of course, Miss Jenny.
Miss Jenny Thank you. There are some waiting for you at Knapford Yards.

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