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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts at Knapford Station. Gordon can be seen leaving with the Express as Henry pulls in with a goods train.
Narrator It was a bright sunny day on the Island of Sodor.
The scene changes to Ulfstead Castle. Glynn, Stephen, Dylan, Merlin, Lexi, Theo, and Hugo are at the Castle Station when Millie whistles and appears with Sir Robert Norramby in her cab. Millie stops at the platform and Sir Robert steps onto it.
Narrator Sir Robert Norramby had called all his engines to the castle station.
Sir Robert Norramby Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to tell you all that a nrw experimental tank engine will be arriving this evening.
Just then, Aaron, a green tank engine with twelve driving wheels, arrives in a cloud of steam.
Sir Robert Norramby Perfect timing! (to Aaron) What's your name?
Aaron Aaron, Sir.