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Aldona is a blue Polish tank engine. She is a shunter at Warsaw Goods Yard.


Pre-Stories From Sodor

Aldona was built in a Polish Works, and grew close with Bonifacy, and the two spent years together. Than Michal arrived. After a little while, he joined the family as well, as did Iga a few years later, after Michal found her in an abandoned scrapyard.

Stories From Sodor

Friends Around the World

Then, a foreign diesel named Emil came to the yard, and, during his second night in there, tried to take Aldona to the same scrapyard Iga was found, until Aleksander came and took Emil away. Aldona appears to have forgotten about that however, and now has a complete distrust of new engines[1].

Later, Aldona reluctanly helped Jacob set up a Great Engine Games when he became stranded after Hong-Mei broke down in Aldona's Yard. Aldona then insisted the Jacob not let Emil in the competition if he were to show up. Aldona then competed in the shunting competition at the Great Engine Games, alongside Gina, Thomas, Malia, Laila, Ji Ah, Madison, Raul, Rose, Emil, Bonifacy, Petrus, and Fredrik. Originally, Aldona finished in fourth place, however, upon exposing a cheating Emil, she was awarded third place in the competition, losing only to Fredrik and Ji Ah[2].

Stories From Sodor:Future

One World, Many Adventures

Aldona, Michal, Bonifacy, and Iga once came to Sodor to issue a warning about Emil and Elijah, who they thought were coming to Sodor to cause harm. They, along with Autumn and Jessica, then took Sierra, Kira, Jason, Connor, Anna and Mr. Collins to find and rescue Jacob. The group went as far as Poland before Analise picked up the coaches and took them onwards, alongside Michal, much to Aldona's chagrin[3].

Taking Back Sodor

Aldona was later one of the engines who came to Sodor to help take back the railway after Emma, Heather, Paige, and Mallory took it over in Jacob's absence[4].

Analice's Mongolian Adventure

When Analice, Nya, Qadan, Anne Lisa, and Anne Lisa's family were trapped by Guntanbar and Chuluun in Mongolia, Aldona took Jacob, Kevin, Elana, Gabby, Jesse, Aanisah, Akira, and Sam to save them[5].

Heather and Paige Return

When Heather and Paige took over the Sudrian Crystal Railway, Aldona was one of the international engines who came to help Azaad in assisting the Sudrians to take back their railway[6]


Aldona is very harsh with new engines because the last new engine in Poland nearly scrapped her. Despite this, she is very nice to her fellow shunters, Michal and Bonifacy as well as Iga, the truck, who she thinks of as her brother, sister and child respectively.


Aldona is based on Px27 class 0-8-0 tank engine, specifically number Px27-775. Two class Px27 class engines were built by Fablok in Chrzanów, Poland for Polish State Railways (PKP) in 1929. Px27-775 was numbered 25 from its build date until 1948. Following that, it was numbered Px2-802 until 1961, when it was given it's current number. Px27-775 was retired in 1976 and is now in preservation. It is currently located at the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Wenecja, as a cold exhibit. It is the only surviving member of its class. While Px27-775 was built as 600mm narrow gauge, Aldona is standard gauge.


Aldona is painted dark blue with black lining.


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