Aldona is a blue tank engine from Poland.


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Aldona was built in a Polish Works, and grew close with Bonifacy, and the two spent years together. Than Michal arrived. After a little while, he joined the family as well, as did Iga a few years later, after Michal found her in an abandoned scrapyard. Then, a foreign diesel named Emil came to the yard, and, during his second night in there, tried to take Aldona to the same scrapyard Iga was found, until Aleksander came and took Emil away. Aldona appears to have forgotten about that however, and now has a 100 percent distrust of new engines[1].


Aldona is not very social with new engines, because the last new engine nearly scrapped her. Despite this, she is very nice to her fellow shunters, Michal and Bonifacy as well as Iga, the truck, who she thinks of as her brother, sister and child respectively.


Aldona is painted blue with black lining.


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