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Alexandria is an Egyptian coach. She works with Delilah.


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International Friends Near and Far

Alexandria first appeared in the International Friends Near and Far miniseries. Her and Delilah took passengers from Cairo to Alexandria[1]. She later told Delilah and Prudence to be careful when they double headed a heavy goods train bound for Dar es Salaam Docks[2].


Similar to Annie and Clarabel, Alexandria watches over Delilah and is often the voice of reason on the rare occasion that Delilah makes an impulsive decision. She's also very proud of being named after the second largest city in Egypt, as she constantly brings this up, much to the annoyance of Prudence.


Alexandria is based on a Pullman First Class Parlour Car. One such carriage, "Topaz" of 1914, is preserved at the National Railway Museum. Aubrey, Aiden, and Spencer's Coaches are also based on such coaches.


Like Delilah, Alexandria is painted dark red with black lining. She also has dark red wheels and a light grey roof.


  • Alexandria is named after the second largest city in Egypt.
    • It is also revealed in Delilah that Alexandria and Delilah visit the city on their daily passenger runs.


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