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This article is about the Crystal Island engine. You may be looking for the Keystone Railway engine.

Amethyst is Crystal Island's number 4 tank engine.


Stories From Sodor

Season 2

When Duck and Rex journeyed to Crystal Island following the reopening of the tunnel, Amethyst shunted the brake vans onto their trains[1].

Later, Amethyst was seen joking around with Ruby until Lapis told them to get back to work [2].

Season 7

Later, Amethyst and Ruby helped Philip and BoCo by showing them what to do [3].


Amethyst is fun-loving, full of laughter, and generally carefree to a fault. Loud and a lover of pranks, Amethyst is easily amused and very impulsive. She is bad-mannered and a bit lazy; much to Pearl and Lapis' detriment, but still means well. [4].


Amethyst was originally a freelance design, though she slightly resembled a GNR N2/1, Ryan's basis.

When she returned in Stories From Sodor:Future, Amethyst was given a new design based on a Furness Railway Class J1 2-4-2T. These were first built as the E1 class, an 'off the peg' Sharp, Stewart & Co. design. In 1891 seven of these engines were rebuilt as tank engines under the supervision of Locomotive Superintendent Richard Mason and reclassified J1. To suit branch line service the frames were extended to carry a coal bunker, supported by a pair of trailing radial wheels while their tenders were replaced with side tanks, that combined had a capacity of one thousand gallons. The class members were withdrawn between 1919-1924. The real Parker J1 tank engines were all scrapped so it can be assumed that Albert was as well.


Amethyst is painted lavender with dark purple lining. She has a dark purple dome, and a purple gemstone with a hexagonal facet. She also has the number 4 on her bunker in dark purple.


  • Amethyst is based on Amethyst from Steven Universe.
  • Amethyst is the most used Crystal Island engine. This is because Amethyst is Jacobacranmer's favourite Steven Universe character.


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