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This article is about the engine. You may be looking for the episode.

Ametrine is a new engine on Crystal Island that came from the Keystone Railway.


Crystal Island Adventures

When Ametrine first arrived on Crystal Island, she refused to pull freight cars in the mines. However, later on, when Star arrived on Crystal Island, Ametrine, fearing she was being replaced, decided to start pulling freight cars[1]. Ametrine and Star later helped clear the snow on Crystal Island[2].

Season 10

Ametrine later reluctantly volunteered to help with a special job of collecting gemstones from the Keystone Railway at Christmastime[3].

Season 13

Ametrine was later sent to help on Sodor for a few days. When she accidentally shunted a few cars into Philip, Diesel made fun of her. This upset Ametrine, and she wanted to get revenge on Diesel, but ended up abandoning her jobs and getting into trouble[4].


Ametrine is very smart, and enjoys speaking eloquently. She is also very stubborn, which often gets her in trouble. She would rather pull passengers than goods, but since coming to Crystal Island, she has decided that all work is worth doing if it means that she's being a really useful engine.


Ametrine is based on a heavily modified Sharp, Stewart and Co. "Larger Seagull" K2 class with a Fowler tender. Edward, Jordyn, and Fei-Long are also members of this class.


Ametrine is yellow with purple lining. She has purple leading wheels, as well as a purple dome, and a purple bufferbeam/footplate. She has yellow driving wheels and black tender wheels. She has her name and number on her tender in purple and black, respectively, and her gemstone is on her boiler.


  • Ametrine is one of four Crystal Island engines to speak in every one of her appearances, with the others being Star, Padparadscha, and Rutile.
  • Ametrine has gone through a few modifications:
    • Season 13:
      • Her outer cylinder disappeared
      • Her gem moved from her boiler to her tender
      • Her lamp disappeared
      • Her name changed font and changed in colour from black to purple
      • Her tender wheels changed from black to yellow
      • Her buffer housings changed from black to purple
      • Her lining, dome, bufferbeam, running board, and leading wheels became a richer shade of purple


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