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Animals wagons are a type of wagon used for the transportation of animals.

Stray Animal Wagon

Whenever an animal strays onto the line or gets lost, the engines use this wagon to take it home. It is an open wagon. Charlie used it to take a stray elephant back to the Sodor Animal Park. Thomas also used it to take a stray cow back to McColl Farm.

Thomas later used one of these wagons to deliver coconuts to Varkala Railway Station while he was visiting India.


The stray animal wagon is painted brown.

Giraffe Wagon

The giraffe wagon is an open wagon which appeared in the fourteenth series episode Thomas' Tall Friend. Thomas used it to take a giraffe to the Sodor Animal Park.


The wagon has no specific basis but the model is modified from the Sheep van which is turn is based on a GWR cattle truck.


The giraffe wagon is painted green.