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Arlesburgh West Shed is the main sheds on the Arlesdale Railway.


There are three sheds at Arlesburgh West, the one seen in the stories houses the steam engines, and has a well equipped workshop. The Diesels have a shed to themselves on the opposite (north) side of the line, and nearby is the Carriage Shed capable of holding all passenger stock under cover.

In 1967, Frank crashed in to the back of the shed, which resulted in the Small Controller making inspections to ensure the shed was safe.


It only appeared in three Railway Series books, Small Railway Engines, Duke the Lost Engine and Jock the New Engine. Initially, the Arlesburgh West set in the TV series used a more plain-looking, one lane shed (as seen in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, but was later remodeled into its Railways Series counterpart in the twentieth season.


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