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This article is about the miniseries. You may be looking for the second season episode.

Arlesdale Adventures is a miniseries that was released following the eighth season , along with the Crystal Island Adventures miniseries.


  1. Mike the Miniature Engine - After teasing Duck about his whistle, Mike boasts about his own; only to lose it in a field.
  2. Rex the Miniature Engine - Rex thinks pulling wool trains is an easy job, but he quickly discovers otherwise.
  3. Bert the Miniature Engine - Bert is splashed by some visitors to the railway and is determined to get back at them.
  4. A Present For Bulgy - After being rescued by Bert, Bulgy realizes that railways are just as good as roads.
  5. Jock the New Engine - A new engine is built for the Arlesdale Railway.
  6. It's Not Like Him - Rex is worried about expressing his negative emotions to others.
  7. Jock's New Job - Jock is excited to help out the Old Watermill, but soon has second thoughts about it.
  8. No Ore, No Mine - The Arlesburgh Steelworks build a mine to get some ore near Arlesdale. But the Small Controller doesn't know that there's little ore deposits in Arlesdale.
  9. Last Minute - Sigrid has little fuel to take the employees to the stations along the AR's line. It's up to Jock to get the line cleared and the employees to their stations in good time.
  10. The Dangerous Coaches - The Crovan's Gate workmen take shortcuts in order to make some coaches for the quarry-workers, which doesn't go unnoticed.
  11. Bold Move - Ms. Anna Scorbs takes over as the new Small Controller, and she makes a change to the line that doesn't others don't like.
  12. It's All Too Much - Mike tries to prove that he's stronger, but only succeeds in making a fool of himself.



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