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Around the World is a miniseries following the ninth season. In the miniseries, Thomas travels around the world, collecting friends along the way.


  1. Thomas and Ace - Ace persuades Thomas to travel around the world again.
  2. Going to Africa - Thomas travels to Africa and meets Nia.
  3. Going to India - Thomas and Nia travel to India and meet Ashima and Rajiv.
  4. Going to China - Thomas, Nia, and Ashima travel to China and meet Yǒng Bǎo and Hong-Mei.
  5. Going to Russia - On their way to France, Thomas, Nia, Ashima, Hong-Mei, and Yǒng Bǎo stop in Russia to meet Ivan.
  6. Going to Germany - On their way to France, Thomas and his friends stop in Germany to meet Frieda
  7. Going to France - Thomas and his friends arrive in France and meet Étienne.
  8. Visiting the Mainland - Thomas and his friends visit the mainland and meet new friend, Rebecca. They also visit Hurricane and Frankie at the Steelworks, and pay a visit to Bridlington.
  9. Going to America Part 1 - Thomas and his friends visit the Keystone Railway and help out at the gem mines.
  10. Going to America Part 2 - Thomas and his friends, plus Iolite and Angel, visit Beau at the Grand Canyon.



  • Jacobacranmer created this miniseries as a way to incorporate the international engines into the series, as well as a way to introduce Nia and Rebecca.
Around the World