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Atlas is a narrow gauge pannier tank engines.


The Railway Series

Atlas was built at Jouef Decauville, in France circa 1899. They were shipped to Sodor and purchased to work at the mines of the Mid Sodor Railway.

No information was given about the fates of these engines when the mines and railway were later closed. It can be assumed that they were either scrapped or sold.

Stories From Sodor

In the twelfth season, Atlas was bought by the Skarloey Railway. Upon arriving there, he was reunited with his old friends Duke, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam[1]. He now works mostly at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


Atlas's model was built by the Rev. W. Awdry to OO9 scale. They were created from Jouef models of the Decauville Type 1 0-4-0PT locomotives, with the cab removed. On the second model, the funnel was also shortened.


Atlas is painted light brown with bronze domes. An early model currently preserved at the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum at Tywyn also featured the number 9 on one side in gold. He was originally painted green.


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