Autumn and Jessica are Madison's faithful coaches.


Stories From Sodor

Season 2

Autumn and Jessica came to Sodor with Madison[1].

Season 14

Autumn and Jessica later worked with Lorenzo and Beppe while Madison was being repaired[2].


Like Annie and Clarabel, Autumn and Jessica are respectful to all of the engines. They show a kind and caring side to everyone on the whole railway. However, despite their kindness and sweetness, when needed they can be stern. Autumn and Jessica are best friends, but like all friends, such as Donald and Douglas, sometimes they fall out.


Autumn and Jessica are LB&SCR Stroudley four-wheeled coaches. Several coaches of this type are preserved on the Bluebell Railway.


Autumn and Jessica are painted white with their names on their sides in light blue. They also have light blue wheels.


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