—Azaad's catchphrase

Azaad is a yellow and black tank engine who works in a giant piece of land in Saudi Arabia.


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When Omar and Oma held Zambaq hostage in their shunting yard, Azaad rushed in and saved her[1].


Azaad is a prideful steam engine with an extremely high self esteem. Despite this, he is a nice tank engine who shows concern about others. He looks like a cheetah, and has the speed of one. His catchphrase is "Mibinamet", meaning ¨See you later¨ in Persian.


Azaad is based on a Great Eastern Railway D56 Class "Claud Hamilton", classified as D15 by the London and North Eastern Railway, with a Belpaire firebox and the smaller 'water-cart' tender. Claud Hamiltons under the classes S46/D14, D56/D15 and H88/D16 were built at Stratford Works from 1900 to 1923. Under the LNER, most members of the class were rebuilt into the Gresley designed D16/3 sub-class. Members of this class pulled the Royal Train from Wolverton to the Sandringham Estate for several decades. The last D15 was withdrawn in 1952, while the last rebuilt Claud was withdrawn in 1960. None are preserved, though there are plans to construct a replica of D16/2 No. 8783 which is to be named Phoenix. Azaad, however, lacks a tender. Molly is also a member of this class.


Azaad is a yellow tank engine with black lining as well as black dots. Most would say he looks like a cheetah.


  • Azaad is based on Azaad from Disney's The Lion Guard.
  • Azaad's name means "Free" or "Liberated" in Persian.
  • Azaad's catchphrase, "Mibinamet", means "See you (later)" in Persian.


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