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Balladrine is a small village located about ten miles north west of Kellsthorpe and about five miles south east of Killdane.


The Railway Series

Following being deprived of his office as Bishop of Suddery, Lancelot Qualtrough lived in retirement in Balladrine, ostensibly as Curate of the small parish, but in reality was treated by all as Bishop in everything but name.

In 1954, Gordon and Henry met Bluebell the cow on the bridge which carries the railway over the Balladrine/Killaban road.

Thomas & Friends

The village is served by a small railway station which is on the Main Line. It consists of a single platform with a building, with three tracks passing by. A road bridge is located nearby.

Stories From Sodor

Gordon once passed through the station after a banner got wrapped around his smokebox.

The same later happened to Marie.


  • The word "Balladrine" is likely derived from Baldrine, a small village on the Isle of Man.
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