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Barry, named after Barry Island, the home of the scrapyard in South Wales where he was rescued, is a tender engine introduced in the thirteenth season.


Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 13

When Jacob, Anna, and William journeyed to Wales to save an engine from the scrapyard, they found Barry, who was very rusty and unable to move on his own. After lifting him and his tender onto two empty well wagons, the trio were able to take Barry, Regina, and Rudy back to Sodor, where the three engines were repaired and put to work on the railway[1].

After he was restored and overhauled, Barry was sent to work on the Brendam Branch Line. There he met and friended Edward and Jordyn, the former of whom helped Barry face his fear of visiting the scrapyard when he was given the job of taking a train of scrap to Crocks Scrap Yard[2].

Season 17

Season 19


After being in a scrapyard for 67 years, Barry has developed a severe fear of being sent there once again. Because of his past trauma, he is very closed off emotionally, only being able to open up to Regina and Rudy, who were his companions in the scrap yard.


Barry is a BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0. Three engines of this class survive, all of which were saved from the Woodham Brothers Scrapyard in Barry. A fourth is undergoing conversion to tank engine form on the Bluebell Railway. The real engine carrying Barry's number was built in March of 1964 and withdrawn on 12 November 1966. 78018 spent 11 years at Woodham Brothers Scrapyard before being preserved at Shackerstone in November 1978. In 1981, it became owned and was rescued from Barry by the Darlington Railway Preservation Society. It was then restored and transferred to the Great Central Railway in 2012 before re-entering into active service on the GCR on 6 October 2016, owned by the DRPS and operated by the GCR.


Barry is painted NWR blue with red and yellow lining. He has his number painted on his tender in yellow with red lining.


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Brendam Branch Line