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Battlebots Filming Day is the ninth episode of the eleventh season.


Jacob and Jackson go to Baltimore in America for Battlebots filming. While there, the two get to interview the teams behind the robots, and get to watch some of the fights.




  • The fights shown in the episode are as follows (Winners appear in bold)
    • Bite Force vs Blacksmith
    • Blacksmith vs The Four Horsemen
    • Monsoon vs Red Devil
    • Bite Force vs HyperShock
    • Witch Doctor vs Yeti
    • Icewave vs Vanquish
    • Monsoon vs Petunia
    • Whiplash vs Hypothermia
    • Bronco vs Bombshell
    • Tombstone vs Gigabyte
    • Monsoon vs Son of Whyachi
    • Axe Backwards vs Ultimo Destructo
    • Blacksmith vs Minotaur
    • RotatoR vs Skorpios
    • Valkyrie vs Red Devil
    • Monsoon vs SawBlaze
    • Bombshell vs Tombstone
    • HUGE vs Bite Force
    • RotatoR vs Icewave
    • Whiplash vs Bronco
    • Mohawk vs Reality
    • Gemini vs The Four Horsemen
    • End Game vs Brutus vs WAR Hawk
    • DUCK! vs Bombshell vs Valkyrie vs Gigabyte vs Lucky vs Red Devil
  • Several other fights are referenced during the episode:
    • Valkyrie vs Ultimo Destructo
    • Predator vs RotatoR
    • Axe Backwards vs WAR Hawk
    • Tombstone vs Minotaur
    • Brutus vs Son of Whyachi
    • Lucky vs Son of Whyachi
    • Valkyrie vs Hypothermia
    • Valkyrie vs Lock-Jaw
    • Icewave vs HUGE
  • Several fights from past seasons were also mentioned:
    • Bite Force vs HyperShock (2015 Season)
    • Yeti vs Tombstone (2016 Season)
    • Tombstone vs Bombshell (2016 Season)
    • Blacksmith vs Minotaur (2016 Season)

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