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Benjamin is an orange tender engine who works on the main line. He is a mixed traffic engine, who can be seen taking goods trains most of the time. He is Brady's twin.


Stories From Sodor

Season 1

Benjamin first appeared when Brady, Olivia, Kylie, and Emily saved him from being scrapped[1]. Later, Rosie and Oliver raced past Benjamin while being pushed by some Troublesome Trucks [2].

Season 4

Later, when Kylie had an accident, Benjamin, along with Brady and Olivia, teased her because of it[3]. Then, at Christmastime, Brady and Benjamin helped Jacob, Sierra, and their friends figure out what happened to their Christmas presents[4].

Calling All Engines, Again!

Brady and Benjamin later helped Thomas and Percy rebuild the airport aftera powerful storm. Benjamin later stayed at the Smelter's Yard with Henry, Percy, and Kylie while their sheds were being rebuilt[5].

Season 5

Benjamin later cheered Brady on while he competed in The Great Engine Games. He then took Brady to the Steamworks after he cracked a cylinder[6]. Later, Benjamin, Olivia, Kylie, Emily, and Brady competed in Jacob's Sodor trivia game as Team Sterling[7].

The Great Railway Show

Benjamin later asked Richard Hatt to send him to The Great Railway Show[8][9].

Season 7

Brady and Benjamin later used their snowploughs to clear the lines up to Crovan's Gate. While at Crovan's Gate, Marie came into the station and ran into Benjamin, damaging his snowplough. He tried to tell Brady he was damaged, but Brady did not listen. He did come to his senses, however, when Benjamin broke down on Gordon's Hill[10].

Stories of the Sophomores

Benjamin later helped search for Jacob when he went missing[11].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 5

Benjamin was seen in the sheds when Murdoch was sent to help at Blue Mountain Quarry[12]. He was later seen outside the Steamworks, alongside Jacob, Brady, Olivia, Kylie, Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Rebecca, and Rosie, when Emily received her number[13].

Season 9

Benjamin was among the first engines to meet Dale, Jimmie, and Anderson upon their arrival on Sodor[14].

One morning, Benjamin was confused for Brady at a station, which upset him greatly. That evening at the sheds, Matthew, who had recently been repainted, suggested to Benjamin that he talk to Jacob about doing the same. The next day, Jacob agreed and Benjamin went to the Steamworks. That evening, he returned to the sheds, now painted orange, to compliments from Brady and Murdoch[15].

Benjamin was later seen at the sheds when Jacob asked him, Brady, Kylie, Olivia, Marie, Dawn, Levi, Ralph, Murdoch, and Matthew if any of them would work with Dawson, Damian, and David while Dailey was in the Steamworks. Benjamin did not volunteer, and was surprised when Olivia did[16].

Benjamin was later seen at the docks when Levi was trying out new liveries, being present for Levi's pink and purple liveries[17].

Jacob and Kevin:High School Adventures

Like in Stories of the Sophomores, Benjamin was seen worried about Jacob after he ran away[18].

Season 13

Benjamin was present when Jacob told the engines at the sheds about his plan to journey to a scrapyard in Wales to try and find an abandoned engine[19]. Later, Benjamin was double heading a goods train, when they came upon an downtrodden Molly, who noted that it must be nice to have a brother, not realizing she had one on The Mainland[20].

Jacob, Kevin, and Friends:Past Adventures

Season 4


Benjamin is a kind engine. He is, however, known to tease his twin, Brady, as well as Kylie, one of his closest friends.


Benjamin is based on a Great Northern Railway G3 Stirling Single 4-2-2. Designed by Patrick Stirling in 1870 with 8ft 1in driving wheels and outside cylinders, they were specifically built for high speed expresses between London and York. These locomotives were capable of hauling 280 ton trains at 50 mph, though they could reach 85 mph on lighter services. A total of 53 were built at Doncaster between 1870 and 1895, in three series introduced in 1870, 1884 and 1894 respectively; the last was withdrawn in 1916. The only surviving member of his class (No. 1) is on display at the National Railway Museum. The locomotive in preservation carried a small capacity Sturrock tender, which was given in its first restoration in 1910. Recently, a derelict original Stirling Single tender used as a water and sludge carrier was found in Peterborough and, after restoration, was paired with the locomotive in 2014.


When Benjamin first arrived on Sodor, he was painted dark blue with black lining, running board, and wheels. He also had his name written in black on his tender. He was also covered in rust.

After being repaired, Benjamin was repainted in light green with dark blue lining. He has his name and number on his tender in blue. He also has a blue running board.

In the ninth season of Stories From Sodor:Future, Benjamin was repainted orange with purple lining. He now has his name and number on his tender in purple and has a purple running board.


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