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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts showing Thomas, James, and Oliver puffing through Tidmouth Bay station. Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel, James is pulling a train of vans, and Oliver is pulling red branch line coaches. As they puff through the station, the narrator speaks.
Narrator It was May Day on the Island of Sodor, and the engines were celebrating. They knew there'd be music and lots of fun.
The scene changes to Knapford Station. It is being decorated with bunting. Marie, Madison, Rosie, and Jennifer are at the station. Murdoch puffs in as the narrator speaks.
Narrator All the stations were being decorated.
Jacob and Sierra come out of Richard Hatt's office.
Jacob Wonderful news, everyone. We talked to Mr. Hatt and he said you guys could all be decorated, too!
Madison (excitedly) We should do a "Best Dressed Engine" contest.
Jennifer That's a great idea, Maddy!
Madison Are you going to be decorated, Marie?
Marie (snootily) Hmph! Decorations aren't dignified for an engine of my caliber.
Murdoch Nonsense, Marie. I'm going to be decorated.
Marie I would expect that from an engine of a lower caliber such as yourself. Especially considering you are only a goods engine.
The guard's whistle blows. Marie blows her whistle and leaves with the express.
Jennifer I can't believe Marie would say something like that, and to her own brother, too! How rude!
Murdoch Don't worry, I'm used to it by now. And anyway, I think Marie will see soon enough that being decorated is not as undignified as she thinks it is.
Jennifer How do you figure?
Murdoch Well, if memory serves me correctly, Gordon said the same thing years ago. However, on his journey with the express, he encountered a loose banner on the Three Tier Bridge and it wrapped around his smokebox, and when he got back here, we all declared him the winner of the contest.
Jennifer So, you think the same thing will happen to Marie?
Murdoch I'd like to think it's a possibility.
The scene changes to later that day at Tidmouth Sheds. The sheds are decorated with bunting. James, Percy, Thomas, and Murdoch are all at the sheds being decorated. James is being decorated with multi-colored bunting, Percy is being decorated with flags and streamers, Thomas is being decorated with red banners, and Murdoch is being decorated with blue bunting. Then, Marie arrives.
Percy Hello, Marie. Have you come to be decorated, too?
Marie (disgusted) Of course not, you silly little engine. A dignified engine like me wouldn't dare put on decorations.

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