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This article is about the engine. You may be looking for another Diamond.

Blue Diamond is an engine from the Keystone Railway.


Blue Diamond cameoed in the yard when the Crystal Island engines visited the Keystone Railway[1]. She later was shown ordering around Holly Blue Agate and Blue Quantum Quartz[2].


Not much is known about Blue Diamond. It can be assumed, however, that she is very authoritative and is respected by the other gems.


Blue Diamond is based on a BR Standard Class 9F, which were used for fast and heavy goods trains. The class was the last of the BR Standards and the final steam engine class built by British Railways, with the last one, "Evening Star", built in March 1960. Due to the size and shape of the class, they where given the nickname "Spaceships." "Evening Star" and eight other 9Fs are preserved. One 9F, "Black Prince" holds the record for hauling the heaviest steam-hauled train in Great Britain, at 2,198 tons. "Evening Star" is also part of the National Collection.


Blue Diamond is painted sky blue with dark blue lining. She has her large blue gem on her tender.