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This article is about the engine. You may be looking for another Pearl.

Blue Pearl is a gem engine from the Keystone Railway.


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Not much is known about Blue Pearl, although it can be assumed that she is very loyal to her diamond.


Blue Pearl is based on an SR USA Class 0-6-0T. Originally classified as the USATC S100 Class and designed for shunting duties in Europe during the Second World War, after the war ended, fifteen of these engines were sold to the Southern Railway, who modified them for use as dockyard shunters at Southampton. There, they worked alongside the LB&SCR E2s (Thomas’ class). Both classes were replaced by BR Class 07 diesels (Salty's class) in 1962, though members of the class remained in service on departmental duties until 1966.

Four members of this class are preserved in the UK, including one at the Bluebell Railway and several more exist in various conditions throughout the world. In addition, several Yugoslavian-built copies of the S100 design also exist, including two that have been imported into the UK and modified to represent USA Class members. Rosie and Madison are also members of this class.


Blue Pearl is painted sky blue with dark blue lining. She has her blue gem on her tanks. She also has her name on her cab in sky blue.