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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts on a cold winter day. Brady is seen puffing down the tracks at dusk pulling a train of Troublesome Trucks filled with crates. S.C. Ruffey, Fred Pelhay, and Rickety are among the trucks in the train.
Narrator It was a cool, winter evening on the Island of Sodor. Brady was taking a goods train to Brendam Docks. But, he was running late.
Brady (to himself; frustrated) Oh, bother Marie having that accident. She's made me late! Now I'll have to stay the night at the Docks. (groans)
The scene changes to Brendam Docks. Cranky is waiting impatiently for Brady to arrive. Meanwhile, Carly can be seen talking to Big Mickey. Salty, Dawn, and Porter can also be seen talking outside their shed. At last, Brady puffs in with his train.
Cranky (huffily) It's about time.
Brady Sorry I'm late. Marie had an accident and I got stuck behind the wreckage.
Carly No worries, Chuck, we’ll soon have you unloaded, and then you can go back to your shed.
Brady Actually, is it okay if I sleep here tonight, Salty?
Salty Of course it is, me hartey.
Porter I must warn you though, Brady, Salty often sings sea shanties in his sleep.
Brady (chuckles) Don't worry, Porter. Benjamin sings in his sleep, too. I used to think it was annoying, but now I can't fall asleep without it.
Brady and Porter both chuckle. By this time, Cranky and Carly have unloaded Brady’s cars.
Carly Alright, you're good to go now, Chuck.
Brady Thanks, Carly.
Brady is then seen shunting his cars into a siding before puffing into the shed where Salty, Dawn, and Porter are waiting. It is now nighttime. The engines all look up and see a single star in the night sky.
Salty (to Brady; whispering) You know, me hartey, they say that if you make a wish upon the first star in the night sky, then you're wish will come true.
Brady Really?
Salty Aye.
Brady I’ll give it a try. (whispering; to himself) I wish for the perfect Christmas.
Brady then falls asleep.
The scene changes to the next morning. The engines are just waking up when Jacob arrives in Elizabeth.
Jacob Brady, Mr. Hatt has sent me here to tell you that you are to help Edward on his branch line today.
Brady I'm on it.
The scene changes to a little bit later. Brady is now pulling red branch line coaches. He is picking up passengers at Wellsworth Station. The guard blows his whistle. Brady blows his whistle and leaves the station.
Brady is then seen puffing down the line. He is then seen passing Edward. The two whistle at each other.
The scene then changes to Brady arriving at Knapford Station. All of his passengers disembark and Philip takes away Brady's coaches. It then starts to snow. Richard Hatt now comes out of his office and walks over to Brady.
Richard Hatt Brady, I need you to go to the sheds and have your snowplow fitted before your next journey.
Brady Yes, Sir
Brady puffs away.
The scene changes to Knapford Sheds when Brady arrives. Olivia is already there having her snowplow fitted.
Brady Hello, Olivia! Aren't you excited? The first snow before Christmas! It's so wonderful.
Olivia (unamused) Yeah, sure, Brady. I mean, I don't really like the snow, but I won't spoil your fun.
Olivia's driver Okay, Olivia, you're good to go.
Olivia (whistles) See you later, Brady.
Brady Bye, Olivia!
Olivia puffs away.
The scene changes to Brady at Knapford Station after his snowplough is fitted. He is coupled up to four coaches and some passengers including Jacob, Sierra, Kira, and Meg are seen boarding the coaches. The guard blows his whistle and Brady whistles and puffs away. On his way through Knapford Junction, he passes Hiro puffing through with a goods train.
The scene changes again, this time to Vicarstown Station. When Brady arrives, Gordon and Flying Scotsman are there. Caitlin puffs through with a passenger train.
Brady Merry Christmas, Flying Scotsman!
Flying Scotsman Merry Christmas to you, too, Brady.
Flying Scotsman's guard blows his whistle and Flying Scotsman whistles and puffs away. Gordon and Brady's guards both whistle as well, and they both leave.
The scene changes to that night at Knapford Sheds. Olivia, Kylie, Benjamin, Murdoch, Arthur, and Matthew are already there when Brady arrives.
Brady Are you guys all ready for Christmas?
Kylie (excitedly) You know it! Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
Brady Mine, too! And tomorrow, I get to help Daisy take the children to see the miniature engines at Arlesburgh. I'm so excited!
Kylie That sounds so exciting! I wish I could come.
Brady (trying to think of something to make Kylie feel better) Well, um, you'll be there in spirit.
The scene changes to the next day at Vicarstown Station. Daisy is already at the station picking up the children. Jacob, Sierra, Kira, Meg, Connor, Stephen Hatt, and Bridget Hatt can be seen among the children boarding Daisy when Brady arrives. Snow is falling.
Brady Hello, Daisy!
Daisy (surprised to see Brady) Brady? What are you doing here?
Brady Mr. Hatt has sent me to go in front of you to clear the snow.
Daisy (delighted) Oh! Merci beaucoup, Brady!
Brady De rien, Daisy.
Daisy (surprised) Brady, I didn't know you speak French.
Brady Yeah, well, back on the Bluebell Railway, there was a French man who would always bring his family to visit us around Christmastime, so I learned the language so I would be able to talk to them without a translator. But, I don't want to bore you with my silly old story. Let's get to Arlesburgh.
Brady blows his whistle and Daisy honks her horn. The two then leave the station.

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