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Bridget Amanda Hatt (born 1943) is Sir Topham and Lady Hatt's granddaughter and Stephen Hatt's younger sister.


Bridget Hatt was born in 1943 to Charles Topham Hatt and Amanda Croarie, two years after her brother. In 1951, the Hatts spent a long holiday on Toby's old line in East Anglia. Stephen was excited when he first met Toby, but Bridget accidentally offended him by assuming he was an electric tram.

Bridget, like her brother, has never been shown to age, and has always stayed the same age ever since the first season. She and her brother helped Toby to find an abandoned castle. When it was her birthday, James was sent to collect her and take her to the town hall, and she took a liking to the pink undercoat he was painted in. She later caught chickenpox along with Stephen, convincing Henry that engines could also catch chickenpox.

Once, she, along with her brother and grandfather were supposed to take a tour around Arlesburgh Harbour on Skiff, however the rail boat thought he saw a mermaid and went to sea with just her grandfather aboard, to her and Stephen's distress. Eventually, Harold and Captain found them. Bridget was also part of a group of VIPs that Hugo took on a rail tour from Knapford to Vicarstown and back.


In the Railway Series and the first two seasons of the television series, Bridget wore a white dress with red markings. Since the third season, she has worn a pink dress over a white blouse.