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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the steamroller.

Mole hills! Hundreds of them! It looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie, only green!


If you were going any slower, you'd be going backwards!

Max to Buster

Buster the Steamroller is the thirty-second episode of the Engine Friends miniseries.


Thomas and the Pack have been sent to the football field to clear debris from the car park after a bad storm, but there is no work for Buster and he feels left out. However, when the work is complete, Miss Jenny discovers mole hills on the field and sends Thomas to pick up Buster to flatten the mole hills, which he does successfully.

Later, Thomas takes Buster to the newly built Sodor Racetrack to smooth the track, but Max and Monty tease Buster about being slow and challenge him to a race. When the work is done, Miss Jenny allows Max, Monty, and Buster to test the racetrack. Max and Monty race off with Buster trundling behind, but Max and Monty end up in a ditch, while Buster trundles ahead and wins the race. When Thomas takes Buster home, Max and Monty argue over who came in second and third.




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