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I've never been to a party".
Colin was fixed in one place. He couldn't move from the siding.
"We never have parties at the Wharf.

Colin is a steam crane who is stationed at the Wharf. He is good friends with Freddie.


Colin works at the Wharf. He once felt upset because he could not attend a Christmas party and Freddie arranged for the party to be moved to the wharf so Colin could participate.


Colin is a chipper, cheerful, canal-side crane who works at the Wharf. While he isn’t the largest crane, or the strongest, Colin's determination and skill make him fast and efficient. He prides himself on always knowing the right lifting speed for the right load. Colin is a good friend to all and always looks on the bright side of the Wharf!

Colin is lonely deep inside, as he is fixed in place at the Wharf. He feels left out of some of the fun that the narrow gauge engines have. The engines bring him news from around the Island. He’s always fascinated hearing about events that happen in other places.


Colin is mostly green with red pulleys and cogwheels amongst his mechanism. He has a grey roof with grey boards along the top of his cab above his door.

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