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Connor is a kid that goes to Wellsworth High School.


Stories From Sodor

Season 3

Connor first appeared on Jacob and Sierra's first day at Wellsworth High School. He is in several classes with the duo[1]. Later, Connor voted for Paige to be concert choir president instead of Jacob[2].

When the list of students going to district chorus was revealed, it was revealed that both Connor and Jacob had made it. Connor later told Jacob and Sierra that he was surprised Levi had made it to district chorus, which made the two angry. The three then got into a fight, for which Connor was penalized by being taken out of district chorus[3].

Connor later decided to make Jacob's day miserable, but gets in trouble because of this[4].

Later, Connor was seen singing as a part of both the Wellsworth High School Chamber Singers and the concert choir[5][6].

Stories of the Sophomores

Connor later searched for Jacob when the latter went missing, alongside Meg, Bella, and Katie. He then attempted to make Sierra feel better when she thought they would never find Jacob[7].

On Jackson's first day at Wellsworth High School, Connor was one of the first to become friends with him[8].

Season 11

Connor later told Jacob he should go to America to film Battlebots if that's what he wanted to do[9].

After Jacob returned from filming Battlebots, he and Connor tried to do all of Sierra and Kira's jobs in addition to their own while the latter was sick. Jacob and Connor became overwhelmed with the extra work, but refuses help from Meg, Jackson, and Kira, insisting they could do it on their own[10]

Season 13

Connor later graduated from Wellsworth High School, alongside Jacob, Sierra, Jackson, Meg, Paige, and Kira[11]. He later also Jacob, Sierra, and Kira's graduation party[12].

Season 14

Later, Connor, Jacob, Kira, Sierra, Meg, and Jackson met together for lunch one final time before they all went off to university. Connor then went to America for university[13].

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 1

When Jacob and Emma both got jobs as teachers at Wellsworth High School, Emma asked Jacob how Connor was, to which he replied saying "Connor is in America doing who knows what"[14].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 2

One World, Many Adventures & Taking Back Sodor

Season 3

Season 4


Connor is a little snobby. He is full of himself. He thinks he is better than everyone else, much to the annoyance of Jacob and Sierra. His proud attitude often gets him into trouble. 

In the Stories of the Sophomores miniseries, however Connor seems to have become more mature, and appears to genuinely care about Jacob and Sierra.


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