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Cranes are airy fairy things! They need a lot of attention, like me in fact!

A Crane is a machine equipped with wire rope or chains and sometimes fitted with hooks or grabbers. they are used to lift heavy loads like crates, pipes, wood and other things.

Big Mickey, Cranky, Colin, Merrick, Reg, Beresford, Carly, Ol' Wheezy, Hee-Haw and Happy Hook are the only cranes who have been named. These cranes are used around the harbours, quarries, wharfs and scrapyards of Sodor and the Mainland.

The Rolling Gantry Crane

The Rolling Gantry Crane is a rail-based crane used for loading and unloading cargo from ships. It was used as background stock at Tidmouth Harbour, Knapford Harbour and Brendam Docks.

Miniature Cranes

Many miniature cranes are seen around the Island of Sodor in different locations mainly used at the harbours.

They can be mostly found at Brendam Docks and Whiff's Waste Dump.

Steam-Powered Cranes

Various stationary Steam-Powered Cranes have been used as background stock in the television series. More specifically these cranes have been seen at the Timber Yard, Norramby Fishing Village, Boulder Quarry, the Works, Knapford Sheds and the Wharf.

There have also been several named steam-powered cranes featured throughout the series, including Colin, Hee-Haw, Ol' Wheezy and four other stationary steam cranes named A.J.R. No.1.

The Wellsworth Scrap Yard Crane

A small crane was used at Wellsworth Scrap Yard during the Engine Friends miniseries. It has since been replaced by Reg. It's job was to load pieces of scrap into the trucks of the railway.


The crane was painted brown.

Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes are very tall and can reach higher places. They are used at Boulder Quarry, Knapford, and Brendam during.


These cranes were painted brown and red.

The "Grabber"

The "Grabber" is the nickname for a crane with large retracting claws used for dismantling, smelting and scrapping machinery based at the Sodor Ironworks.

Once, 'Arry and Bert wrongfully shunted Stepney underneath the giant grabber, with the intention of scrapping him. Thankfully, the Fat Controller arrived in the nick of time and shut the grabber down.

A.J.R. No.1

A.J.R No.1 are a series of four stationary steam-powered cranes along the Skarloey Railway. Two of them are located at the Wharf, one is located at the transfer yards, and one at the quarry.


  • It is unknown what the letters "A.J.R." stand for.

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