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He thinks if he works twice as fast, Sir Topham Hatt won't replace him with a... big new fancy crane."
"Replace him with a what?"
"A big new fancy crane."
"A big shoe zebra plane?"
"No, a big new fancy crane."
"A pig stew dancing lane?"
"A BIG... NEW... FANCY... CRANE!!!

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Cranky and Carly is the sixty-sixth episode of the Amazing Adventures miniseries.


After Cranky is teased about his age, he works twice as hard and through the night to impress the Fat Controller. But the harder he works, the more mistakes he makes. When a big, new, shiny crane arrives, he thinks that his days at Brendam Docks are over!

Later, Carly the new crane is so keen that she takes on all the work. After Cranky finds himself with nothing to do, he works harder and faster in a bid to keep up with her. But as the two cranes frantically try to outdo one another, their hooks become entangled and they find themselves stuck fast and unable to move. Eventually Salty tells a story of a two-headed monster that worked together to get what they wanted. Cranky and Carly work together to untie the knot and Salty says they work in harmony. Big Mickey says that there are three cranes and all the engines and cranes are surprised that he speaks. They also welcomed him to the team.



  • This episode is an adaptation of the twenty-first season episodes, Cranky at the End of the Line and New Crane on the Dock
  • This is the only episode to be based on multiple twenty-first season episodes, due to Cranky at the End of the Line and New Crane on the Dock both being centered around Cranky and Carly.

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