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This article is about the miniseries. You may be looking for the second season episode or the DVD.

Crystal Island Adventures is a miniseries that was released following the eighth season, along with the Arlesdale Adventures miniseries.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
Onyx2.jpg Onyx Shapes Up Jacobacranmer TBA #01
Bradford teaches Onyx his way of dealing with troublesome trucks.
Amethyst2.png Amethyst's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #02
Amethyst tells the engines at Knapford Sheds about her past.
Ruby2.png Ruby's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #03
Ruby tells the engines at Knapford Sheds about her past.
Bismuth2.png Bismuth Jacobacranmer TBA #04
Bismuth goes to Sodor for the first time.
Pearlnew.png Pearl's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #05
Pearl tells the engines at Knapford Sheds about her past.
Peridot2.png Peridot's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #06
Peridot tells the engines at the Sodor Steamworks about her past.
Garnet2.jpg Garnet's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #07
Garnet tells the engines at Knapford Sheds about her past.
Quartz2.png Quartz's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #08
Quartz tells the engines at Ffarquhar Sheds about her past.
Lapis2.jpg Lapis' Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #09
Lapis tells the engines at Knapford Sheds about her past.
Sapphire2.jpg Sapphire's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #10
Sapphire tells the engines at Knapford Sheds about her past.
Pink.jpg Remembering Pink Jacobacranmer TBA #11
Blue is still mourning the loss of her best friend, Pink, and Yellow tries to help her get over it.
Topaz.png Topaz's Backstory Jacobacranmer TBA #12
Topaz tells the Arlesdale engines about her past.
StarandAmetrinePromo.png The New Crystal Engines Jacobacranmer TBA #13
A new engine named Ametrine arrived. But, after she refuses to do goods work, Mr. Collins brings another new engine named Star to help out.
Sapphire2.jpg Sapphire's New Coat Jacobacranmer TBA #14
Sapphire gets a new coat of paint but is deciding on what colour to be painted.
Off-ColorsPreOverhaulsPromo.png Meeting the Off Colors Jacobacranmer TBA #15
Four new engines called the Off Colors come to Crystal Island.
Angel,Star,andIolitePromo.png A Keystone Trip Jacobacranmer TBA #16
Some of the Crystal Island engines go to the Keystone Railway.
Angel,Star,andIolitePromo.png A Friendly Visit Jacobacranmer TBA #17
Some of the Keystone Railway engines come to Crystal Island for a visit.
Bismuth2.png A Keystone Job Jacobacranmer TBA #18
Some of the Crystal Island engines go to the Keystone Railway again, and Iolite introduces Bismuth to Mystic Quartz and Mystic Topaz.
Bismuth2.png Rainbow Colored Friends
Rainbow Besties
Jacobacranmer TBA #19
Mystic Quartz and Mystic Topaz come to Crystal Island to visit.
AmethystandOnyxPromo.png Amethyst, Onyx, and the Off Colors Jacobacranmer TBA #20
Amethyst and Onyx explain to the Off Colors that they are defective.
GarnetandTsavoritePromo.png A Tale of Two Garnets Jacobacranmer TBA #21
Garnet meets Tsavorite.
Amethyst(KR).jpg A Tale of Five Quartzes Jacobacranmer TBA #22
Amethyst, Quartz, and Star spend the day with Amethyst and Citrine from the Keystone Railway.
PadparadschaPostOverhaul.jpg A Tale of Five Sapphires Jacobacranmer TBA #23
Sapphire and Padparadscha spend the day with Ocean, Winza, and Blue Sapphire.
StarandAmetrinePromo.png Star, Ametrine, and the Snow Jacobacranmer TBA #24
Star, Ametrine, and the Off Colors experience their first snow since coming to Crystal Island.
Star.jpg Star
Star's Sodor Adventure
Jacobacranmer TBA #25
Star goes on an adventure on Sodor.
Ametrine.jpg Ametrine Jacobacranmer TBA #26
Ametrine goes back to the Keystone Railway to complete a special job.
Off-ColorsPreOverhaulsPromo.png The Off-Colors Jacobacranmer TBA #27
The Off Colors tell the other Crystal Island engines about their past on the Keystone Railway.
RainbowMoonstone.jpg Rainbow Moonstone Jacobacranmer TBA #28
A day of Rainbow Moonstone's life is profiled.
SFSLogo.png Jacob and Mr. Collins Jacobacranmer TBA #29
Jacob becomes friends with Mr. Collins


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