Da Li and Xiao Hu (Mandarin: 大力小胡) are two Chinese steam engines who work on a railway in China with Yong Bao.


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Da Li appears to be based upon the QJ Class 2-10-2 with removed smoke deflectors or, possibly a KF7 class 4-8-4 with a skyline casing while Xiao Hu resembles the ET7 Class 0-8-0T. Designated as the primary mainline freight locomotive on the Chinese rail system in the 1980s, many QJs remained in service well into the 2000s. Many QJs survive throughout China, with ten preserved at museums, while three have been preserved in the United States in operating condition and one is preserved in Japan. One KF7 is preserved in the National Railway Museum in York. At least two ET7s survive in a derelict state at the Baotou Iron & Steel Co. in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.


Da Li is painted black with red bufferbeams and a red cowcatcher. His wheels are also painted red with white lining. Xiao Hu is painted dark green with a red running board and bufferbeams. Like Da Li, his wheels are painted red with white lining.


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