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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts at the Sodor China Clay Company. Dailey, Dawson, Damian, and David are shunting empty cars to Marion when Richard Hatt arrives.
Richard Hatt Ah, there you four are. I have a special job for the each of you.
Dailey Awesome, we all get to do a special job together.
Richard Hatt Actually, Dailey, each of you will have your own special job.
Dailey You mean, we'll all be working separately?
Richard Hatt Exactly.
The quadruplets look at each other worriedly.
Richard Hatt Dailey, you will be helping out Mavis and Jennifer at Anopha Quarry. Dawson, you will be helping Duck and Oliver at Arlesburgh. Damian will be helping Charlie and Stanley at Knapford Yards and David will be helping Jacob at the Railway Museum.
Dailey, Dawson, Damian, and David (sadly) Yes, Sir.
The scene changes to Anopha Quarry. Mavis, Rosie, and Jennifer can all be seen shunting Troublesome Trucks when Dailey arrives. Jennifer is the first to see Dailey.
Jennifer You must be Dailey. It's always lovely to meet another pink engine. My name is Jennifer. Oh, and over there is Mavis and Rosie.
Dailey It's nice to meet you, too. So, what do you need me to do?
Jennifer We need you to shunt those empty freight cars over there over to the hopper. Just be careful, they don't call them troublesome trucks for nothing.
Jennifer puffs away pulling a train of full cars.
The scene changes to a few minutes later. Dailey is trying to shunt the empty freight cars under the hopper.

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