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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins as David is shown puffing to the Sodor Railway Museum as the narrator speaks.
Narrator One day, Mr. Hatt sent David to work at the Sodor Railway Museum.
The scene changes to the Sodor Railway Museum. Jacob is standing on the station platform when David arrives.
Jacob Ah, David, right on time. Welcome to the Sodor Railway Museum.
David Hello, Jacob. What do you need me to do?
Jacob Well, you will be helping to pull the museum tours around the Island. There are two trains each day for the next three days. You will be helping to pull each one.
David Alright. Who will I be taking a train with first?
Jacob Nia. She should be here soon. Then, the two of you can get coupled up.
The scene changes to a few minutes later. David is coupled to a few Express Coaches when Nia arrives.
Nia You must be David. I'm Nia. Its nice to meet you.

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