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This article is about the engine. You may be looking for the episode.

Dawson is a red tank engine. His quadruplets are Dailey, Damian, and David.


Season 2

Dawson and his siblings first arrived in the second season. Their constant bickering got on everyone's nerves, including Edward's. Their constant bickering also ended up getting them into trouble when David got buried by a rock slide[1]. Later, Jacob, Sierra, Kira, and Cassie came to the Clay Pits to work with the quadruplets. However, their constant arguing soon began to upset Jacob. Dawson agreed to stop quarreling for the rest of the day and now are all good friends with Jacob[2].

Season 11

In the eleventh season, Richard Hatt sent Dawson to work at Arlesburgh. At first, Dawson acted very uptight, yelling at the miniature engines to work faster so he wouldn't be late. However, that night at Arlesburgh Shed, Duck and Oliver told him to relax a little. The next morning, he apologized to the miniature engines and all are now friends[3].

Season 13

In the thirteenth season, Dawson attended Jacob, Sierra, and Kira's graduation party[4].


Dawson is a control-freak, and is not quite satisfied with his role as the "second quadruplet." He tends to get uptight when he feels others around him are not acting like they should.


Dawson (like his siblings) does not have a real-life basis. He was designed by the Fat Controller.


Dawson is painted bright red with gold lining and wheel spokes.