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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one Saturday afternoon at Knapford Station. Jacob is standing on the platform, deep in thought. Just then, Rebecca puffs into the station.
Rebecca Hello, Jacob.
Jacob (interrupting his thoughts) Oh, hi, Rebecca.
Rebecca Something on your mind?
Jacob (sighs) Yeah.
Rebecca Do you want to talk about it?
Jacob I wouldn't want to burden you. You probably have another job to do anyways. And, I'm due to meet Kira for lunch in a little while.
Rebecca I don't have another train for another 30 minutes.
Jacob I'd rather talk about it in private.
Rebecca We can go over to the sheds. They should be empty.
Jacob Well, alright.
Jacob boards Rebecca's cab and Rebecca whistles before puffing away.
The scene changes to Knapford Sheds. The sheds are empty when Rebecca and Jacob arrive. Rebecca backs into one of the berths.
Rebecca So, what's on your mind?

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