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Delilah is an Egyptian engine who participated in The Great Railway Show. She has a coach named Alexandria.


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The Great Railway Show

Delilah competed in the Best Dressed Engine competition at The Great Railway Show alongside James, Emily, Brady, Olivia, Rajiv, Yong Bao , and Carlos. Delilah, quickly became friends with Brady and Olivia, as it was all of their first time competing in the Great Railway Show[1].

International Friends Near and Far

It was later revealed that Delilah is the prime passenger engine on the Egyptian Railway and she has a coach named Alexandria, and a best friend named Prudence, who is the railway's primary goods engine[2].

Later, Delilah helped Prudence take a very heavy goods train to Dar es Salaam Docks, where they met and friended Zane and Kwaku.[3].

Friends Around the World

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Delilah is a very kind engine, although she is very shy. In spite of this, she is usually quick to make friend with other engines when she has something in common with them.


Delilah is based on a Palestine Railways P Class 4-6-0 tender engine.


Delilah is painted red with black lining, and her number 66 on her cab. For the Great Railway Show, she had the Egyptian flag painted on each side of her tender.


  • Delilah's number is an in-joke. The real P Class engines were only numbered from 60-65.


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