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  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Class: 7-Plank Open Wagon
  • Gauge: 4' 8.5"
  • Built: 2014

Diamond is a freight car from Crystal Island.


Diamond was first seen in Crystal Island Adventure. Quartz warned James and the other Sodor engines to be careful with Diamond and Jasper.

Jasper and Diamond then caused trouble for the Sodor engines.

Diamond next appeared in Onyx Shapes Up, when she was shown causing trouble for Amethyst, only to be disciplined by Onyx.

She is later seen in Remembering Pink, when she is, at first, disgusted by how much Blue is grieving over Pink. She then sings a song to Blue before breaking down herself.


Diamond is vindictive, ruthless, and quick to anger. When dealing with grief, Diamond tries to suppress her negative feelings and instead wishes to move forward. She expresses this to Blue in "Remembering Pink", by explaining that she should "start looking forward and stop looking back".


Diamond is based on a 7-plank open wagon.


Diamond is painted yellow with brown lining. She has her name on her side in brown, along with her yellow gemstone. She has brown wheels.


Total Appearances

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Season 7 - Speaking Roles: 0 - Non Speaking Roles: 0 - Cameos: 1 - Mentions: 0 - Possible Appearances: {{{6}}}
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  • Speaking Roles: 3
  • Non-Speaking Roles: 0
  • Cameos: 2
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Diamond has a yellow, diamond shaped gem with a diamond facet. It is located on her side.



A yellow diamond in real life

Gemstone Information
  • Diamond is the official modern birthstone for April, and it is also used as an official sixty-year anniversary gemstone.
    • Yellow diamonds are considered one of the true birthstones for Virgo.
  • Diamonds are the stone of truth and victory.
    • It is associated with lightning and fearlessness, and for its properties of protection.
    • The diamond, in its rarity and beauty, is a symbol of purity and innocence, love and fidelity, and embraces the strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness to oneself and others.
  • Diamond is the transparent, gemstone-quality crystalline form of carbon and it is indeed one of the hardest known natural substances on Earth.
    • Diamonds' hardness is the result of adamant chemical bonds between the carbon atoms.
    • There is no other gemstone in the same family as diamond, although there are a variety of very similar gemstones.
    • Diamond is pure carbon and is chemically the same as graphite.
  • Although traditional colorless or "white diamonds" are by far the most popular colored diamonds, yellow and brown diamonds are the most commonly occurring diamonds.
    • Yellow diamonds are used for industrial purposes, such as concrete saws, because of how common they are.
    • Other diamond colors include pink, red, orange, blue, green, gray, and black.
    • Specific colors will trade under specific names.
      • Brown and yellow diamonds are often referred to as "champagne" or "cognac" diamonds.
      • Pure, intense yellow diamonds are called "Canary Diamonds".
  • Some famous yellow diamonds include Golden Jubilee Diamond, Florentine Diamond, and Cora Sun-Drop Diamond.
  • Diamond deposits are found worldwide. The most notable being Africa, Australia, and India.
    • Approximately half of the world's diamonds come from Central and Southern Africa.
    • Canada has recently become a main commercial source for fine white diamonds.
  • Yellow diamonds are associated with happiness and joy, and the color yellow is associated with friendship.
    • This is ironic given Diamond's cold and closed-off personality.

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