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This article is about Dragon Breath Opal. You may be looking for the episode or another Opal.

Dragon Breath Opal is a large tank engine from the Keystone Railway.


Stories From Sodor

Crystal Island Adventures

Dragon Breath Opal has first appeared when some of the Crystal Island engines visited the Keystone Railway. She was seen pulling a train and later sleeping in the sheds[1].

Keystone Chaos

Later, Dragon Breath Opal was given the job of taking a train of gemstones to the Island of Sodor. She was very proud of this and boasted to the other engines about it[2].

Later, when Dragon Breath Opal and Bloodstone were given the task of working together to shunt an important gem train bound for Sodor, the pair's constant bickering got them into trouble[3].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Keystone Adventures

Dragon Breath Opal was in the sheds when Spinel and Bluebird Azurite arrived[4].


Dragon Breath Opal has a tendency to be proud and boastful. This often gets her into trouble.


Dragon Breath Opal was a freelance design. When she returned in Stories From Sodor:Future, she was redesigned. Her new design is based on a LNWR 380 class. 30 of these engines were built from 1923 to 1924. Although designed under the LNWR regime they appeared as LMS locomotives after the 1923 grouping. They were essentially an extended version of the 1185 Class 0-8-2T with a longer bunker, and were also related to the 0-8-0 freight engines. Their main area of work was to be in South Wales. All the members of the class were withdrawn between 1944 and 1951. All 30 engines were unfortunately scrapped. Hyacinth is also a member of this class.


Dragon Breath Opal was painted purple with red lining. She had her red, purple, and yellow gem on her coal bunker. She had a black bufferbeam and footplate.

When she was redesigned in Stories From Sodor:Future, she was repainted a deeper purple with a brighter red lining. She now has a red bufferbeam and footplate. She still has her red, purple, and yellow gem on her coal bunker.


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