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There are two types of drivers which specialise in operating engines and buses.

Engine Drivers

I'd never go without my driver. I'd be frightened.

Toby, "Thomas Comes to Breakfast", Amazing Adventures

The engine drivers (sometimes called engineers in some US narrations) drive and maintain the engines and, along with the fireman, keep the engines in control and provide a voice of reason when an engine is being difficult.


A North Western Railway steam engine driver's uniform consists of dark blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue jacket with light blue accents over it and a blue peaked cap. This dress code is the same for drivers on the Arlesdale Railway.

Diesel engine drivers wear a similar, though less formal, uniform, with the Vicarstown Dieselworks logo on the jacket and a brown cap.

The drivers on the Skarloey Railway wear the same outfits, but in grey instead of blue.

Named Engine Drivers

Bus Drivers

There are several bus drivers who work for Sodor Roadways. In the model series, they were commonly accompanied by bus conductors.

In the magazine story, A Hole in One, the Fat Controller played golf with Bertie's driver.


A bus driver's uniform consists of a light blue jacket over a white shirt and a red tie, light blue trousers and a red flat cap with a black brim.