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"My hat! You've sucked it through your air intake!"
"Bother your hat!
— The Inspector and Sir Topham Hatt

Duck, Stepney, and The Diesel Engine is the twenty-second episode of Engine Friends miniseries.


During the last few days of Stepney's visit to the North Western Railway, an engine shortage has occurred and the only engine available is a Class 40 diesel. When the diesel arrives and surveys the shed he insults the engines, claiming them to be out of date.

The engines are furious, but cannot think of a plan for revenge. There is no need though, as Class 40 sucks an inspector's bowler hat through his air-intake vent and breaks down just as he is about to take an express. Duck and Stepney who has longed for a long run, then volunteer in taking the train. Leaving the failed Class 40 in the shed, the two engines set off down the Main Line and in record time reach Crovan's Gate where Gordon waits to take over.

Stepney leaves the next day and while the engines bid him farewell, Class 40 creeps sulkily away saying goodbye to no one and leaving only two things to remember him by: a bad smell and a battered bowler hat.