Dylan is an interesting looking engine introduced in the ninth season.


Stories From Sodor

Season 9

When Dylan first arrived on the Island of Sodor, the engines made fun of because of his unusual look, which hurt his feelings. However, when Madison realized they had hurt Dylan, she convinced the other engines to make him feel better[1]. Dylan later told the other engines on the Earl's Estate about his past on the Mainland[2].

Season 10

Dylan later welcomed Aaron to the Island[3].


Dylan is a kind and gentle engine. He loves to be really useful, but is also a bit sensitive.


Dylan is based on an LNER Class U1 Garratt locomotive. Only one of these locomotives was ever built, and it was unfortunately scrapped in 1955.


Dylan is painted black with red lining. He has his number, 1925, on his front in yellow with a red outline.


  • Dylan is the only Garratt locomotive on Sodor.
  • Dylan's number, 1925, comes from the year his basis was built.


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