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Template:Infobox episode/Draft Edward and the Little Engines is the twenty-fourth episode of the twelfth season.


One day, Edward is working at the Blue Mountain Quarry with the narrow gauge engines. Rheneas is struggling with a heavy load of slate so Edward suggests that he asks another engine to give him a push. Rheneas thinks this is a grand idea.

Later on, Rusty comes to see Edward for some advice. Rusty explains that some wood has fallen off his trucks and now he does not know where it is. Edward advices Rusty to go back along his track as the wood is bound to be along there somewhere.

That night, Skarloey approaches Edward in a panic; Peter Sam is missing. Edward asks his driver to phone the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Soon, Harold is flying over the hills with his search light shining brightly. It is not long before the helicopter finds Peter Sam broken down in the hills.

The next morning, the narrow gauge engines notice something wrong with old Edward; he is puffing and wheezing and struggling with even the lightest of loads. Rheneas thinks that Edward needs to go in for repairs, but Edward insists he is fine. Edward is not fine; his fire feels feeble and his wheels weak, but Edward is worried that he might be scrapped so decides not to tell anyone about his troubles.

The narrow gauge engines know Edward is not telling the truth and eventually Edward gives in and tells them the truth. He tells them that he is leaking steam and is afraid of being scrapped. The little engines reassure Edward; the Fat Controller would never scrap such a wise and helpful engine. The Fat Controller confirms this when he pulls up in Winston. He tells Edward that he is going to the works for repairs. Edward thanks the narrow gauge engines for their support and realises that sometimes it is just as good to take advice than dish it out.




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