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This article is about the coach. You may be looking for the engine.

Don't want new coaches! Don't want new coaches!

After saving Oliver and Toad, Emily was given two six-wheeled green and cream coloured coaches. In the first season episode, Emily's Arianating Experience, they were revealed to be named Martha and Jennifer. They were introduced in the seventh series and were seen in every season since up until the seventeenth series. They reappeared in the nineteenth series episode Toad and the Whale.

In the fifteenth series, Emily gained an extra composite coach.

Percy pulled one of the coaches in Wild Water Rescue when he was supposed to take the Mayor to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre's 1,000th rescue celebration.


Emily's Coaches are based on Six-wheeled Clerestory Roof Coaches used on the Great Western Railway.


Emily's Coaches are painted emerald green, like Emily, with yellow lining and white window surrounds.


  • The centre wheels on the coaches do not have flanges.