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Emily to the Rescue is the first episode of the first season.


One morning, Sir Topham Hatt comes to Tidmouth Sheds with bad news for Emily. All of her brothers and sisters are being scrapped. However, Sir Topham Hatt says he has saved two of them and they will be arriving soon. He then sends Emily to meet them at Brendam Docks and asks her to show them around the Island.

When Emily arrives at the Docks, the new engines, named Brady and Olivia, are being unloaded from their ship. She recognizes them both, as they worked together before Emily came to Sodor. After the trio catches up, Emily takes them around the Island, showing them Whiff's Waste Dump, the Sodor Steamworks, Anopha Quarry, Knapford Station, and Knapford Yards before taking them to their welcome party.

At the party, Emily introduces Brady and Olivia to Rusty, telling them he saved Stepney from scrap. This prompts the pair to ask Rusty to take them to the Other Railway so they can save their good friend, Kylie.

That evening, Rusty takes Emily, Brady, and Olivia to the Other Railway. After Olivia finds Kylie, the engines speedily puff away with diesels chasing them.

After they finally reach Sodor, they take Kylie to the Steamworks to be repaired, and soon, she is back in working order once again.




  • This episode is an adaptation of the third season episode, Escape.

DVD releases

  • Best of Brady
  • Engines to the Rescue
  • Best of Olivia & Kylie
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