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Speaker Dialogue
The episode opens at Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, and Emily just woke up. Sir Topham Hatt drives up to the sheds in his car.
Narrator One morning, Sir Topham Hatt came to Tidmouth Sheds. He had bad news for Emily.
Sir Topham Hatt Emily, I have bad news.
Emily What is it, Sir?
Sir Topham Hatt All the remaining Stirling Singles on the mainland are being scrapped and replaced with diesels.
The engines all gasp. All the engines are now visibly upset.
Emily Sir, that's horrible!
Henry Despicable!
James Disgusting!
Gordon Disgraceful!
The other engines can be heard murmuring in agreement. Sir Topham Hatt then clears his throat and all the engines fall silent.
Sir Topham Hatt I managed to purchase two Stirlings from the Bluebell Railway before they could be sent to be scrapped and they are arriving at Brendam Docks today. Emily, you are to pick them up from Brendam and show them around the island. There will be a welcome party for them at Knapford at teatime. Don't be late.
Emily (excitedly) Yes, Sir, I won't be, Sir.
Emily then puffs onto the turntable and puffs away.
The scene changes to Brendam Docks. Cranky can be seen lifting Brady off of a ship. Porter and Salty can also be seen shunting freight cars.
Brady (to Cranky as he begins lifting Olivia off the ship) Hello there. I'm Brady.
Olivia (while being put on the rails) And I'm Olivia.
Cranky (smirks) I'm Cranky.
Salty and Porter finish shunting and roll alongside the new comers.
Salty Hello, me harteys. I'm Salty, pride of the seven seas.
Porter And I'm Porter. Welcome to Sodor.
Brady and Olivia Thank you.
Emily can be seen puffing into the Docks. She is shocked when she sees Brady and Olivia. Brady glances over and sees Emily.
Brady Emily?!
Emily Brady? Olivia? You're the two Stirling Sir Topham Hatt brought from the Bluebell Railway?
Olivia Yes, indeed.
Emily But, what happened to Kylie and Benjamin?
Brady (stuttering) Th-th-they w-were s-s-scrapped.
Olivia Actually, Kylie wasn't scrapped. She ran away before they could send her to the Other Railway, but, I fear she may have ended up there anyways.
There is a long silence. At last, Emily speaks up.
Emily Well, I've been show you two around the island, so we'd better get going.
Brady Alright, then. Goodbye, Salty. Goodbye, Cranky. Goodbye, Porter.
Olivia Bye, everyone.
Salty Goodbye, me harteys.
Emily, Brady, and Olivia puff out of the Docks.
The scene changes repeatedly. First, Emily is seen taking Brady and Olivia to Whiff's Waste Dump, where Whiff and Scruff can be seen working. Then, Emily, Brady, and Olivia can be seen at the Sodor Steamworks, where Victor and Kevin can be seen working. Arthur and Rosie can also be seen being repainted. Then, Emily, Brady, and Olivia can be seen at Anopha Quarry, where Mavis, 'Arry, Bert, and Toby can be seen working. Then, they can be seen at Knapford Station. Gordon and James can be seen there. Finally, Emily arrives at Knapford Yards. Stepney, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, and Toad are all there. Brady and Olivia are not behind Emily.
Emily Hello, boys.
Oliver Hello, Emily. What are you doing here?
Emily I'm showing the new engines around the Island.
Stepney Where are they?
Emily What do you mean?
Donald He means there's noone behind you, lass.
Emily (looks behind her) Oh, dear. I don't know where they could have gone. We were at Knapford Station a few minutes ago.
Just then, Brady and Olivia puff in.
Olivia (apologetically) Sorry about that, Emily. I ran out of coal and Brady had to shunt me to the coal hopper.
Stepney (shocked) Brady? Olivia?
Brady Stepney? What are you doing here?
Stepney Sir Topham Hatt bought me, so I wouldn't get scrapped. What are you doing here?
Brady Sir Topham Hatt bought us for the same reasons.
Emily Wait a second, you two know Stepney?
Olivia Yep. We were sent to the Bluebell Railway, not long after you came here.
Stepney Not to change the subject or anything, but, where's Kylie?
Olivia She ran away to avoid being scrapped.
Brady But, we fear she may have ended up on the Other Railway anyway.
Stepney Though that is a highly likely possibility, we can't be sure.
Emily (remembering suddenly) Oh, scrap!
Brady What?
Emily We're going to be late for your welcome party at Crovan's Gate.
Olivia We'd better bet going then.
Emily, Brady, Donald, Douglas, Stepney, and Oliver puff away.
The scene changes to the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds. Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Arthur, Murdoch, Harvey, Salty, Rosie, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Duke, and Ivo Hugh are all there when Emily, Brady, Donald, Douglas, Stepney, and Oliver arrive.
Emily Hello, everybody. I'd like you to meet the new engines, my old friends, Brady and Olivia.
Percy Welcome to Sodor!
Arthur Yes, welcome to the Island.
Brady and Olivia Thank you.
The scene changes to a little bit later. Emily, Brady, Olivia, Stepney, Douglas, and Rusty can all be seen talking together.
Narrator Later, Emily, Brady, Olivia, Stepney, Douglas, and Rusty were talking.
Emily We are going to the Other Railway.
Olivia Tonight.
Brady To find our friend, Kylie.
Emily Can you guys go with us?
Douglas I'd like to help you, but these days, it's only diesels that go there.
Rusty I can show you the way.
Olivia That would be wonderful.
Brady Thank you, Rusty.
The scene changes to later that evening. Rusty can be seen leading Emily, Brady, and Olivia to the Other Railway. When they arrive on the Other Railway, several diesels, including Diesel, Mavis, Daisy, BoCo, and Class 40 can be seen lined up facing away from the camera.
Rusty (whispering) Come on. Let's find your friend.
Brady Let's split up. We'll be able to cover more ground that way.
The four go off in different directions. The camera repeatedly switches from engine to engine as they puff through the scrapyard, passing lines of diesels. At last, Olivia is seen stopping next to a rusty pink engine.
Olivia (whispering) Kylie!
Kylie (whispering) Olivia? What are you doing here?
Olivia (whispering) I'm here to save you from being scrapped. Come on.
Olivia is coupled up to Kylie. They start to puff away, when they are stopped by The Class 03.
The Class 03 Stop right there!
Olivia Oh no!
Kylie Go faster, Liv!
Olivia starts to puff faster. The Class 03 begins to chase after the two engines.
The Class 03 (to the other Diesels) A steamers escaping! After them!
The First Class 08 Right, boss!
Olivia and Kylie get to where Brady, Emily, and Rusty are searching.
Olivia Come on guys, we've got to get out of here!
Brady Why?
The Class 03 Come back here, you smelly steamers!
Kylie That's why!
Brady Yikes! Let's get out of here!
Brady, Emily, Olivia, Kylie, and Rusty leave as fast as they can. After they get out of the scrapyard, The Class 03 stops.
The Class 03 (shouting after them) We'll get you next time!
The scene changes to dawn at the Sodor Steamworks. The doors are just being opened when Olivia, Brady, Emily, and Rusty arrive with Kylie. Victor sees the engines enter the Steamworks.
Victor Hello, my friends, what can I do for you?
Olivia Hello, Victor. We just saved our friend, Kylie here, from scrap. Can you repair her, please?
Victor Of course, my friends.
The scene changes to that afternoon at the Steamworks. Olivia, Brady, and Emily arrive to see a newly repaired Kylie.
Brady Wow! You look splendid, Kylie!
Kylie I know. Victor and Kevin did an amazing job. All I needed was a paint and polish, and a new safety valve.
Olivia Well, they did a great job. Now, let's take you to your new shed.
The four engines can be seen leaving the Steamworks.
The scene changes to Knapford Sheds. Murdoch is napping there when Brady, Olivia, and Kylie arrive.
Brady This is Knapford Sheds. You'll live here with us.
Kylie Who's that?
Olivia (whispering) That's Murdoch. He lives here, too, but I'd keep quiet, he gets cranky if he's woken up.
The scene changes to that night. Brady, Kylie, Olivia, Arthur, Murdoch, Rosie, Harvey, and Salty can all be seen in Knapford Sheds.
Narrator Now, Kylie, Brady, and Olivia live happily at Knapford Sheds with Arthur, Murdoch, Rosie, Harvey, and Salty.