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Euclase is an engine from the Keystone Railway.


Euclase debuted in the Around the World episode, Going to America Part 1. She helped show Thomas, Nia, and Rebecca what to do in the gem mines.


Euclase is kind and helpful. She is also very shy and is usually reluctant to follow Goldstone's orders.


Euclase is based on the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal No. 13.


Euclase is painted cyan with blue lining. She has her name on her tank in blue, along with her gemstone.


Euclase's gem

Euclase has a cyan coloured gemstone. It is rectangular in shape and has a rectangular facet.



Gemstone Information

  • Euclase is called the happiness stone. It increases happiness by stimulating activity ruled by the heart and intuition.
  • The energy of euclase is like a moving river in the way it cleanses blockages from the etheric body.
  • Euclase helps one reach for goals and attain the ultimate in any area. It awakens creativity, and the forces of creativity and manifestation.
  • The name euclase comes from the combination of two Greek words: eu, which means ‘well’, and klasis, which means ‘breaking’
  • Although euclase is an extremely popular stone amongst mineral collectors, it does have a tendency to chip, so very special care must be taken when cutting and polishing the stone.
  • Often times, the stone’s fragility causes problems with its durability. Euclase’s cleavage is parallel to the plane of symmetry, so the stone is most often rendered into step cut and table cuts, with the bluish-green being the most highly valued.
  • Some euclase stones are not as valuable as they suffer from uneven color distribution.